Mobile Vocal Booths

Singer Recorded in VOMO for Pop Song

16 year old singer/songwriter Iris Gupta wrote this song ‘Off This High’ and sung her vocals in our portable acoustical vocal booth, VOMO. Produced and arranged by Stephen Coghill, piano by Michiel van Erp.  

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New SPB33 Design and Feature Sneak Peek!

Jeff traveled to China to inspect the progress of the newly designed SPB33 Sound Proof(er) booth. The new design truly looks great and we hope everyone is excited as we are to present such a great product. This portable vocal booth is in line with our other vocal booth products,

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LIFE HACK – How to set up portable vocal booth on a desk – VOMO

This is how we do it! Every solution we create, was first someone else’s problem. So we decided to let you in on how our creative process works. VOMO earned great reputation as a portable vocal booth that delivers consistent results in any environment.… Compare to the original Carry-

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VOMO vs Vocal Shield

Stephen Coghill, Head of Marketing and Audio Engineer for Vocal Booth To Go, puts the VOMO versus against different products on the market.

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VOMO Introduction Animation Video

Introducing VOMO, the best portable vocal booth on the market. VOMO can isolate you from even the most dramatic echos in your space, like a bathroom. It comes with everything you need to get started right away. All you need is your mic, interface and recording device to create amazing

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