Reviews from customers

Reviews from customers

“What can I say but thank you Vocal Booth to Go! I have been truly impressed with the products I’ve had the pleasure of using. As with so many starting out in VO, I’d started by using a ‘top brand’ acoustic foam to treat my space, and while they managed to help, the difference was drastic when I switched to using the PC blankets. Not only were they easier to mount, and covered a lot more area for much less money, they really helped improve my sound quality. Plus, they’re easier to transport if you have to hit the road! Thanks for everything!”

Producers Choice Blankets

Curt Bonnem

“Hi Stephen, I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how impressed I am with my VOMO – I wouldn’t have been able to work while traveling in the US without it! In addition to my work as a voice actor I’m also on staff as a coach and producer at The Showreel, one of the UK’s leading spoken word production and training studios. My colleagues here are so impressed with the sound quality produced with my VOMO, that they’d like to feature one in our home studio training workshop! Thanks again for your your help and well done on VOMO – it really is an outstanding product!”


Craig Van Ness

“The Vocal Booth To Go AVB-33 has been a real treat to my work as a VO Artist. Lots of space for all my equipment, a solid construction that fits nicely into any working room and of course ample space to perform!”

Acoustic Vocal Booths

Bhav Parmar

“I have been a big fan of Vocalboothtogo for nearly 5 years. I started with a PVC booth covered in Producers Choice blankets. Some time later I added a whisper room to my studio. While the sound isolation was good I struggled with the right combination to tune the booth acoustically on the inside. I tried all manner of glue on and velcro foam but it still sounded TERRIBLE! Then I had an epiphany. Why not use the Producers Choice blankets I already had? So I hung 1 blanket on each wall and BAM! Instant great sound. I have found the Producers Choice blankets to work much better than foam to acoustically treat the inside of my booth.”

Producer’s Choice Blankets

Paul Stefano

“I travel with my VocalBoothToGo VOMO everywhere. During my trip to Jamaica, I was able to do a VO gig without any issues and afterwards went out to relax on the beach.”


Jorge Infante

“Hi Vocal Booth Team!
I just wanted to write to provide some quick feedback on my order. I was truly impressed with how quickly you responded and got my product out the door. Your blankets are being used as sound curtains in my home project and rehearsal studio — hung over doors and windows. They work incredibly well! My punk band is now happily practicing in my HOA governed neighborhood without the slightest complaint from my neighbors. I will be posting a review video on YouTube shortly, demonstrating how we’re using the blankets but I wanted to drop this note directly to you. Thanks for a great product and EXCELLENT customer service!”

Jason / The Bitters

I am very pleased with the blankets!Also, your customer service is exceptional.Keep up the good work.
Thought I’d share a few photos of my new booth!Products:

Acoustic Blankets VB72G with custom grommets

Ken Masarie / Boulder, CO 80301

“Received the booth and got it put together!
Looks amazing Jeff!
Thank so much to you and your team!
Going to have lots of fun working in my Vocal Booth to Go!!!
Please extend my thanks to your team for working with me on the refund
And the change! You guys are amazing.
Best regards,”

Vocal Booth AVB5 with custom images

2021 – February 27

Dave L

“Thanks very much. The quality is fantastic! The change in audioscape is excellent. I am more than surprised by the change. I recently got rid of my old DIY vocal booth, and your ( i am using them as curtains) blankets have more than filled the place of deadening the reverb in the room. The change viewed in my Adobe Audition visual wave form display is astounding. I can no longer see the reverb visually at all. I am wanting to buy 2 more producers choice, white/blacks/with grommets.”

2021 – April 19

Tim B

Thanks for the blankets!!They work very well.They are almost twice the size of the window so I doubled each one and draped them over the compressed rubber sheets that fit snugly in the window frame.The birds have been cancelled out and 75% of aircraft noise too so I am delighted.If this new venture of mine does well then I shall go in for a proper sound booth either solid or material.Bottom line is cost really!!!

Thanks again for the good customer service.

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Stockton H / Sun King Media

“Jeff. Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job on the Sound blankets. They worked great.
All my best.
Jorge Infante jr. “

Producers Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets

2021 September 

Jorge Infante

I’ve recently installed 3 sound blankets in my home office/studio and hung 1 ceiling baffle. I have another baffle I want to hang but not sure as to best location. I’m attaching pics of what I did so far. I am pleased with your product, my wife is especially happy about the sound reduction!

Ceiling Sound Baffle

2021 October 

Jeff Silberman

Look no further than this review. I bought 5 producer’s choice sound blankets from them. My first interactions with this company was through the chat on the website. I contacted them three different times with a lot of questions about shipping, blanket type, etc. The employees I spoke with were prompt and knowledgeable of their products. They were also kind and professional. I truly believe they deserve a raise.

My order of blankets arrived in the amount of time promised. This company also goes above and beyond to have a diagram of a pvc booth on their website so you can build one yourself! I don’t know how many places do that, while also selling their own pvc booth. I made my own and it came out great thanks to their instructions.

Anyway, the blankets are amazing as well. I recorded myself using them and the comparison of my new booth vs my old one is insane. It is almost silent in my booth because of how well-made these blankets are. My voice comes through so much clearer now. It makes editing a lot easier. I’m excited about using my booth and VBTG really made this an enjoyable and easy experience. The other reviews are so strange to me because my entire experience was nothing but pleasant. I am also not being paid for this, I just truly enjoyed their service. Thank you.

Producers Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets

2021 September 

Mikaila / Google Review

How is it cooking? In order to save floor space I came up with this idea for my the screen.I´m really happy with the booth, the soundproofing is better than what I expected and the soundrecordning quality is good enough for doing whatever I want. 🙂
Easter Greetings from Stockholm

Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33, with soundproofing

Eric / Eric Lundholm

The Vomo product I bought from you is excellent in many respects. As a voice-over artist on the move it provides me with excellent portable recording studio quality at a reasonable price. I had been contemplating purchasing a similar product from another company that is twice the price. I am also very impressed by the customer service and the excellent instruction video.
Click Products: vomo Product
October 31, 2017

Sebastian. UK / UK Company

Thank you so much!! You guys have the best customer service. This morning I called, someone answered after 2 rings and took care of me right away and you responded quickly by email and actually paid attention to my order and made sure I ordered the right products. Thank you!! You have a fabulous day!
2017- May 15
“We were very happy with sound quality (of the Carry-on Vocal Booth), even from a hospital room!”
2017- March 17

Fatima R.

“For over 7 years, I’ve had my office desk 6 ft. away from a rack of computer servers and their cooling fan whining. After visiting your site, I ordered 3 of the Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets and 1 section of hanging track. I hung these up around my server rack and the amount of noise reduction was amazing! I would recommend these for those in small/home offices that have their computers/servers in a common location and would like to reduce the sounds they make.”

2016 -December 25

Randye Kaye, Voice Actor

Excellent work. Very good theme, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.


“We rented a 6 x 3 Acoustical Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo for an event. We received the booth on time, it was easy to assemble and it met our needs for our event. I would definitely recommend renting from VocalBoothToGo if you need to use a vocal booth for just a short period.”

2016- August 21


“Just wanted to let you know that my experience with the Vocal Booth went well on my vacation. In fact, I booked one of the jobs I auditioned for while away”
2016- July- 6

Steve VanDusen / Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Unbelievable! Arrived this morning! I’ve already fluffed them and put them to work. Couldn’t be happier.”

2016 September 18


“I have received the blankets and set them up. They have made great improvement on the sound in my drum room. Thank you so much!”

2016 October 1


“I’ve been using them for 10 months now. The sound is very controlled inside the room & I would say that the sound outside is considerably reduced. The blankets are double thickness over the outer wall and two internal walls & the window area is packed with foam & thick upholstery to cut more noise through that area. I play for about an hour a day & have had no complaints. The neighbors say they can hear me of course, but it’s not so bad.”
Video review

2016- April 15


“Just wanted to say thanks so much for getting my order to me as quickly as you did, The blankets are such good quality and do exactly what I wanted them too! Cheers”

2021- February 10

Pete, Drums/Percussion

“Good Day,
I wanted to follow up with you .
I ordered four more of the larger blankets and I Love-Love-Love-Love them!!!!
They was a great investment for my studio.
Thanks so much
I have been telling all my friends about the sound blankets and how much they have helped my studio. 
All Best,”

2021 March 1


“I bought the AVB4 last December and used it for more than 4 months and it was the BEST investment ever !!!
All my clients LOVE my sound.
WOW !”

2021 June 2

Roxanne Jean