Studio Size Sound Absorption Blankets for Recording Studio Acoustic Room Treatment 120″ x 80″(10 Ft Tall)


Studio Size Sound-absorbing panels are the largest  Producer Choice Acoustic blankets, specially designed for professional audio recording studios with high ceilings, up to 10 ft. Studio This group consists of sound blankets 120 x 80 inch size with 8 grommets on the 80 inch side.

VB-77G = All Black – WITH Grommets

VB-76G  = Black/White – WITH Grommets

Each blanket weighs around 14 lbs.

Blankets are sold individually


Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

This is great product to treat acoustically spaces with high ceilings. Color choices: Black both sides or Black/White.

If you are buying 4 and more blankets, we offer Volume Discounts:

Use Coupon  sab-10  when purchasing 4 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 10% off;

Use Coupon  sab-15  when purchasing 8 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 15% off;

Use Coupon  sab-18  when purchasing 12 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 18% off;


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