Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets were specifically requested by music producers and were designed to provide an effective yet inexpensive alternative to Acoustic foam. When buying Producer’s Choice acoustic sound blankets for sound-absorption, you can be confident that they will do perfect job in your recording studio to absorb unwanted noise and echo for crisp audio recordings.

Producer’s Choice Sound Absorption Blankets

An easy and effective way of acoustic room treatment for professional and home recording studios.

The Acoustic Blankets for Sound Absorption – Producers Choice – will make your room sound better. No matter where you decide to build your studio, our sound blankets will absorb sound reflections and improve the audio in your recordings by removing room reverb.  Acoustic blankets will make your room sound better by removing the unwanted noise, echo, and reverberations from sound reflecting off the walls and bouncing around.  Without acoustic Producer’s Choice sound panels that reflected noise interfere with your recording, and get audio recording muddy or changes your voice due to comb filtering.  Acoustic blankets  Producer’s Choice solves that problem. When you use Producer’s Choice sound absorption blankets you record only what was meant to be recorded.

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Not sure how many blankets you need? Use acoustic blanket calculators below:

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Our most popular Producer Choice Acoustic Blankets because of the smaller size and lower cost. Here are grouped sound blankets in the 80 x 80…

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Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets are perfect for Blocking the Noise and focusing on the sound. Producers Choice is not just our brand name, its a…


Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with Grommets for sound absorption and sound control. All black.  Size 80 x 80 inches.  Weight 9-10 lbs. SKU VB71-G  


These blankets are designed to cover the whole wall from floor to ceiling for proper acoustic room treatment. Acoustic panels for sound absorption, are made…

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Producer's Choice Acoustic Panels for sound absorption. Designed to instantly and correctly treat room acoustically. Completely  from floor to ceiling. Color: Black/White.  8 Grommets on…


Producer's Choice Acoustic Panels for sound absorption.  Black Beauty. Designed to instantly and correctly treat room acoustically. The black color with black stitching was designed…


Studio Size Sound-absorbing panels are the largest  Producer Choice Acoustic blankets, specially designed for professional audio recording studios with high ceilings, up to 10 ft. Studio…

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Studio Size Producer's Choice acoustic blanket designed for acoustic room treatment in rooms with high ceilings, such as recording studios, to absorb reverberations from reflective…


This standard moving blanket measures at 72"W x 80"L


Sound Booth Producer Choice Blankets were designed to go on a frame of a sound booth for sound absorption and preventing the "boomy" sound. They…


VB70.  Sound Blankets Producers Choice.  For acoustic room treatment and sound absorption. White-Black. Size 80x80. Weight 9-10 lbs each.


Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket- All Black. VB71.  Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice- Black. Size 80x80 inches. weight 9 - 10 lbs,

When buying Producer’s Choice acoustic sound blankets for sound-absorption, you can be confident that they do an excellent job in your recording studio to absorb unwanted noise and echo for crisp audio recordings. Sound absorption is the ability of material to reduce the energy of sound waves. Sound absorption panels are not meant to stop sound. They are highly effective for acoustic room treatment to reduce echo and reverb, which you hear in a room with hard surfaces such as bare walls and create acoustically dead recording space this will result in high quality audio recordings. With that goal in mind, we created our line of Producer's Choice Sound Blankets. Producers choice sound blankets have substantial sound absorptive cotton filler and sound transparent outer fabric. Producer's Choice acoustic soundproofing blankets were tested in Professional acoustic lab to show an impressive 95% noise reduction ( NRC 0.95), when hung in pleated fashion. When used properly they are nearly as effective as 3 inch acoustic Foam at only a fraction of the cost! Producers Choice acoustic blankets earned endorsements from professional voice-over actors’ musicians and producers. (See their testimonials here)
Note: These blankets are utility products specifically designed for functionality to absorb the sound. They are not a designer product, so you may find some imperfections that do NOT constitute a damaged product. For example, the material might have folds and crevices in the stitching; the dimensions might be 2-3 inches off the advertised dimensions; binding might be folded when stitched; loose threads and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. Grommets are installed manually so the distance between grommets might not be exact. Acoustic Blankets are much heavier than your regular moving blanket.  The blankets are not "soundproof".