VB76-G Studio Size Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blanket – Black-White 10ft (120″ H x 80″ W)WITH GROMMETS


Studio Size Producer’s Choice acoustic blanket designed for acoustic room treatment in rooms with high ceilings, such as recording studios, to absorb reverberations from reflective surfaces, to clean up your audio recording. Noise reduction up to 95% if hung in pleated fashion NRC 0.95 ( if hang straight -NRC 0.8).  It will cover a wall up to ten feet tall, creating a seamless sound-absorbing liner or room divider. Size 10 ft tall by 6.5 feet wide.

Producers choice acoustic blankets for sound absorption earned great reputation among Do-It-Yourself home recording studios and voice actors.  Soon enough professional broadcasting and radio studios got to know and like efficiency and convenience of our Producer’s choice acoustic blankets, the problem though was that they usually have high 10 ft ceiling.  So we had to make custom made extra super long blankets, which used to cost around $200 each. Now we made them as a limited edition stock item.

Introducing the extra long Studio Size Producer’s Choice acoustic blanket! At 10′ x 6.5′, this sound absorption blanket is designed to absorb the reverberations from reflective surfaces and clean up your audio recording. This blanket is engineered for professional recording studios with high ceilings. It will cover the wall up to ten feet tall, creating a seamless sound-absorbing liner or room divider.

 Specifications:  Acoustic Blankets for sound absorption and acoustic room treatment, VB76G:

Producer’s Choice blankets are made from an outer poly/cotton material and 100% pure recycled cotton with added polyester for extra resiliency.

  • NRC 0.8 ( If hang pleated -0.95 or 95% sound absorption)
  • Grommets – 8 grommets on top of 80 inch side. ( Grommet details: High-Quality Grommets:#3 7/16”- Nickel
    Hole Size – .438 Flange Diameter – .965)

In Europe, you can find the VB76G blankets here:

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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