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It’s everywhere: from obsessive street traffic to romantically chirping birds, if you are not in the mood, to that popular song, if you are not the one cranking up the volume! As long as it is something you do not want to hear, it is all just noise! So, what can you do about the noise? What is the best method for noise reduction? There are different ways to dampen the noise, block the noise, cancel the noise, soundproof your room or do whatever works to get rid of the nuisance.
Because our sound booths are truly mobile sound enclosures, that can be easily shipped pretty much anywhere by a common carrier, and do not require any special tools for assembly, is the only company that can actually rent sound booths on a weekly basis. This is perfect for tradeshows, travelling voice actors, acoustic testing and other short-term need for sound isolation enclosures. Our mobile vocal booths and soundproofing enclosureswill help to keep your overhead costs down while increasing the quality of your on-site sound. Used by individuals, broadcasters, corporations, and many others. Our support team can help match a solution to your need.
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