How to hang the blankets on a brick wall without nails or screws into the wall?

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We understand your concern about trying not to damage the walls.
There are several methods you can use:

  1. Glue on Hooks. Unfortunately, the Command Hooks will not work on the brick wall, because they would not stick on. Gluing a board or individual hooks to the brick wall also can be challenging, primarily because bricks do not have a flat smooth surface and the glue will most probably fall off over time.
  2. Suspend the blanket off the ceiling. ( Using ceiling hooks to suspend the blankets is a good solution. It is actually good for a couple of reasons: a) you can create a dead space between the wall and the blankets and b) if there are any appliances or hooks up or ledges on the wall itself you can suspend the blankets in a way that they will go around it and cover all imperfections. That of course means that you need to screw the ceiling tracks or ceiling hooks into the ceiling.
  3. You can build Scaffolding against the wall. Using 2 x 4 or 2 x 3 studs you can build supports along the wall. Then you can use regular screws and hang the blankets on them. This method requires some construction work of course, but it will provide reliable support without damaging the walls.
  4. FlextTee stands. If you only need to cover a few feet of wall space, then Flex Tee stands would be the perfect solution for you. ( The Flex Tee stand spans 80 inches (6.5 feet) and can be raised up to 8 – 9 ft height. So to cover 12 feet wall you would need 2 FlexTee stand placed next to each other. The Flex Tee stands also give you mobility and flexibility in using the acoustic treatment. Also if you ever have to move – you can simply take them with you without damaging the wall.
    Let us know what option works best for you.
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