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AVB63 Instructions

Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB63) Assembly Instructions

Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB63) dimensions 39″W x 74″L x up to 88″ high with four height options is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you an immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up. AVB 63 (  )   has a rectangular shape and basically twice

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VO Great Sarah Natochenny unboxes her blankets and track kit

Pokemon VO Star Sarah Natochenny unboxes the Producer’s Choice blankets and track kits for her current booth build project in her noisy NYC apartment. Follow along! More videos going up soon.…… Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize

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Stephany and Erick Studio Blanket Review Producer’s Choice

Content creators and musical couple Stephany and Erick review our Producer’s Choice blankets in their studio build in the house they share. See how they did it and listen for the before and after to hear the difference for yourself of what the Producer’s Choice sound absorbing blankets and do

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DIY Acoustic Blankets Roll up System.

This solution of how to make a roll up system for acoustic blankets is for Richard H. from the UK. Richard asked if we could design a system where the blankets could be rolled-up like a blind. ” It’d be nice to be able to just roll down the wall

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