Do it Yourself Vocal Booth

VocalBooth-PVC Frame-room

PVC Vocal Booth Frames Review

Challenge of recording voice over or music at home is getting acoustics right. Not everyone can afford to get acoustically treated rooms and well tuned studios. Lots of effort goes into creating amazing and unique recording spaces to achieve good sound with what’s available. Pillow fortified toilet booth> Reflection room

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Bruce Gale – His DIY Vocal Booth

Background: For the past two years, I’ve have been taking voice over acting classes, and attending workshops to develop my skills as a voice over actor. Coaches, Agents, and Directors emphasize that first and foremost, one must become a good actor! But in addition to becoming a good actor, you

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Customize Voice Over Solutions for Schools Video and audio class

Building Your Own Vocal Booth

Part 1. Considering building your own vocal studio. The vocal booth is an integral part of the audio recording business. If you are planning to build a sound booth for yourself, consider first what is the desirable outcome: If you have to work with a low budget, think what you

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