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What is Layaway Purchase Option?

What Is Layaway? Layaway is a purchasing method in which a consumer places a deposit on an item to “lay it away” for later pick-up after they paid off the balance. Layaway option lets customers make smaller payments on the product until the purchase is paid in full. A layaway plan ensures the

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Tara Strong

Our next voice actor star is a known for her many cartoon characters, and boy does she have a list! From, Hello Kitty to Timmy Turner, Raven to Twilight Sparkle, Dil Pickles to Bubbles and so many more, this American-Canadian actress has captured the hearts of many with her chameleon-like

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Frank Oz

Voice acting has become a huge faction of acting nowadays. Between video games, cartoons, podcasts, movies, and more, we have relied on actors to provide no more than their vocal prowess to convey a character or role. Vocal Booth To Go wants to celebrate 20 talented voice actors from different

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Sean Sorrentino

Sean Sorrentino won’t ever again have to sit on a borrowed hotel luggage rack converted to a comforter-covered tent to get a good audio recording. Today, Sean, a podcaster, uses the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro when he travels for his day job and needs to record on the road. Like

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The History of Voice Acting

Voice acting has become a popular alternative to being in front of the camera, and it done professionally as well as for fun by hobbyists. Can you believe it’s been almost 110 years since what is regarded as the first ever voice over was recorded? Many wrongly assume that Walt

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Meet the Voices Behind Cortana and Siri

Ever wondered how Cortana or Siri came to be?  We have to admit, it is extremely convenient (and loads of fun) to converse with these voice assistants. The voices have to have come from somebody, but who? Meet Jen Taylor, the voice actor behind Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana. Cortana was

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