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portable vocal booth review

Portable Vocal Booths product Review

Comparative Review of Portable Vocal Booths. For voice actors as well as musicians and vocalists alike, who want to work on the go, having a portable vocal booth is a must. Especially for professionals who travel frequently or aren’t able to access an audio recording studio at a moment’s notice.

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Carry-On Vocal Booth. Recording in a car.

Portable Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo – Products Review in Spanish.

Cabina de grabación portátil Vocal Booth To Go: como una mochila para grabar donde quieras Diego Ynsaurralde Kuperstein 03/08/2016 En 15 minutos tendrás montada tu cabina de grabación portátil allí donde la necesites… La pequeña compañía Vocal Booth To Go de Frederick (Maryland, EEUU) se ha propuesto crear algo que, de antemano, podría parecer incluso

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Vocal Booth To Go @ Podcast Movement 2018 – VOMO REVIEWS

Vocal booth to go was invited to attend the 2018 Podcast Movement convention in Philadelphia. We talked with many of the 2500 podcasters who were there and they have a chance to check out the mobile/portable/carry-on vocal booth, VOMO. https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/vomo/ This video features reactions from the podcasters reviewing the VOMO

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Sean Sorrentino

Sean Sorrentino won’t ever again have to sit on a borrowed hotel luggage rack converted to a comforter-covered tent to get a good audio recording. Today, Sean, a podcaster, uses the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro when he travels for his day job and needs to record on the road. Like

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Sound ART Acoustic Room Treatment

With many audio editing platforms available today, recording can be done in the comfort of your own home, although it is not as easy as buying a microphone and pressing “Record”.  Room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine-tuned to get the best sound possible.  It requires expertise

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Traveling with Your Portable Carry-on Vocal Booth

We call it the Carry-on Vocal Booth. but it should be called The Ultimate Road Warrior ‘s Recording  Studio. But is it actually easy to travel with? Can you really carry it with you on an airplane? And, how does it sound? How It All Works Obviously, the main concern

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Portable Vocal Booth in hotel-George Whittam audio test

Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro Gets Tested During Voice Over Event

VocalBoothToGo.com presented its soundproofing and acoustic treatment products, such as the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro, at VOAtltant 2014, the largest voice-over conference in Southeastern United States held in March. The conference boasted exceptional speakers, leaders and presenters in the voice-over industry and included voice-over professionals, trainers, coaches, agents as well

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