Why would the VOMO be a great solution for a mic like the c800g, since it’s a sensitive mic to noise?

We often get questions – about if VOMO is a good solution for this or that type of microphone. For example, recently we got a question from Eddie:

From: Eddie
Subject: VOMO Booth


I have some questions I’d like to ask regarding the VOMO.

Could a c800g fit in there?

Why would the VOMO be a great solution for a mic like the c800g, since it’s a sensitive mic to noise?

VOMO looks promising coming from an IsoVox which has considerably made any vocal through it sound BOOMY. It’s not as easy to EQ out as some say, without making the vocal sound unnatural or “too processed”

Hello Eddie :

The C800G can definitely fit in the VOMO.

Unlike Isovox, VOMO has plenty of space to position the mic the way it works its best.
Included accessory – Miniboom- makes position adjustments even more versatile.

We made a thorough comparison between the Isovox and the VOMO, in our video series (here is one of them: https://vocalboothtogo.com/portable-vocal-booths-soundproofing-efficiency/).

In terms of sensitivity:

There are many advantages of VOMO compared to Isovox:

1) In Isovox you are forced to place the mic close to the back wall, which is not good. In VOMO you can position the mic away from the walls, which helps to record more naturally sounding audio.

2) In Isovox interior space is very limited, which creates several issues acoustically ( close proximity of the walls ) and also in terms of convenience. VOMO is much more spacious.

3) Isovox uses rigid walls in their construction THIS, together with the close proximity of the walls to the mic, creates that boomy and boxy sound, that you are concerned about. VOMO has more interior space, allows you to position the mic as it sounds best, and DOES NOT have rigid walls, which means there are no internal reflections, hence there are no boominess or boxiness.

4) In terms of Noise reduction: there are limitations to this for any portable vocal booth, since part of the booth remains open, so outside noise will inevitably get in. yet in our testing VOMO performed equally or even slightly better than Isovox.

I think if you watch the whole series of Portable Vocal booths Comparison videos you will see that VOMO is the most practical and acoustically sound portable vocal booth solution

Thank you.

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