How to build cheap Vocal Booth out of wood pallets

REUSE – REPURPORSE – REJOICE! Build your soundproof VocalBooth out of pallets! This video shows what you need to know to build efficient sound isolation enclosure or vocal booth out of discarded pallets. This is a first video in the series that shows some basic materials and explains the purpose of the video. In the following videos we will show a timelapse of the whole project and then specific details about building the key components of the vocal sound isolation booth, so you can use that for your own installations.

Materials that we used in Palletvo Booth:

1 – Pallets – Available at a business center near you!

2 – Mass loaded Vinyl

3 – Acoustic Felt Panels

4 – Acoustic Blankets Producer’s Choice

5 – Spring Loaded Pads

To be Continued!

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