New VOMO features designed FOR SINGERS. VOMO, the Ultimate Portable Vocal Booth for recording artist

Portable Vocal Booth VOMO is for singers! In this Video we go over some new features of the VOMO- optional Mounting openings and VOMO support arm.

Some time ago we had a discussion with a female singer that she was not able to get too close to the microphone. Unlike Voice actors, singers have to be very close to the microphone and female singers are at a little disadvantage compare to flat-chested make counterparts. So we created an additional mounting option. This allows to have microphone very close. And combination with the miniboom the possibility to adjust the distance between a singers lips to the Microphone is limitless!

VOMO – your Portable Voice Over Recording Studio provides ample interior space for audio recording voice over or singing. Allows you to work with your favorite microphone in your favorite location. GET YOUR VOMO TODAY AND SOUND LIKE A PRO!

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