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Acoustic Blankets review by PRO Voice Actor

PVC vocal booth with acoustic blankets for professional voice over

Professional voice over actor Michael Glover shares his experience building a vocal booth from a PVC pipes and using acoustic blankets. Michael had built the frame himself and then ordered custom made covers from producer’s choice acoustic blankets for sound absorption. This video was not sponsored or solicited in any

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Paul Stefano Tests Mobile Vocal Booth

Paul Stefano testing Soundproof Vocal Booth

Paul Stefano is a professional voice actor, coach and host of podcast VO meter. He has been using our products for several years now and saw different modifications and evolution of our portable vocal booths, mobile sound booths and sound isolation booth first hand. Now when we came up with

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VO Great Sarah Natochenny unboxes her blankets and track kit

Pokemon VO Star Sarah Natochenny unboxes the Producer’s Choice blankets and track kits for her current booth build project in her noisy NYC apartment. Follow along! More videos going up soon.…… Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize

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