Product Comparison and reviews

VOMO vs Kaotica Eyeball

Dan Wilder, full time voice over promo talent that currently uses the VOMO to record, takes on the Kaotica Eyeball which is a popular product on the internet today. How will the VOMO square up with the Kaotica and what will be the outcome? Have a look and listen to

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VBTG Condenser Vocal Mic Versus Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Vocal Mic

Our $149.00 VBTG Condenser vocal mic is put up against one of the most popular mics used in voice over today, the $999.00 Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Condenser. Recorded in the same vocal booth with voice actor Dave Andrea ( reading the same script in both mics. Listen for yourself, with

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VOMO vs Vocal Shield

Stephen Coghill, Head of Marketing and Audio Engineer for Vocal Booth To Go, puts the VOMO versus against different products on the market.

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Is Your Acoustic Foam Making You Sick???

You might have seen portable vocal booths made out of a box with acoustic foam lining. Whoever used such a box knows that the audio recorded in it sounds boomy and boxy. In this video we explore a different aspect of the acoustic foam: how healthy is it? We heard

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Acoustic Foam Testing

Acoustic foam, why spend thousands on Special Acoustic foam when Packging foam looks just the same? Looks can be deceiving…. Acoustic foam designed to absorb sound. Packaging foam designed to absorb shocks. Besides acoustic sound absorption quality of the Acoustic foam, make sure it is fire retardant foam. You can

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