Portable Vocal Booth instructions

How To Mount Pre-2018 VOMO on New Travel Tripod

In this video, we show how to use a new VOMO travel tripod with an older style of VOMO, previous to 2019. VOMO is a popular carry-on portable vocal booth that you can take with you anywhere to record on the go. In the 2019 version, we redesigned the mounting

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CoVB 2 Instructions

portable Carry-on Vocal booth is now in its third generation as VOMO, including a surround sound hood and new and better design. watch the new instructional video here: Or Go Here … https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/vomo/

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Carry-On Vocal Booth Set-Up Video

Carry on Vocal Booth Prototype testing. Since then we imporved the design and our portable vocal booth is now can be set up within about 5 seconds! We also included a lot of additional accessories to make it an ultimate Vocal Booth for the road warrior. Thisi video was made

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How to set up the portable CARRY-ON VOCAL BOOTH

In this video you can see how to set up the Carry on Vocal booth Pro. The booth comes with metal support table, support arches and fiberglass support rods already installed. Additional included items are : MicroMic Stand, Miniboom, Light and Microphone Mounting bracket. MicroMic stand is good on the

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Carry-on Vocal Booth-pro. How to set up

Instructions on how to use Portable Vocal Booth Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro. Carry-on Vocal Booth is specifically designed with traveling voice actor in mind. This portable vocal booth has manyu advanatges over the DIY acoustic foam based booth in terms of sound quality, portability, durability and versatility of use and

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