VOMO is Voice Over MObile recording studio that is a very popular portable acoustic treatment solution for voice actors and musicians.

In this set of instructions you will learn how to set up the portable vocal booth on a table, how to set up the booth on a stand and on a tripod. Ho to use accessories with the booth to get the most of it.

The travel vocal booth VOMO works with any type of microphone.

See this link for more microphone set up images: https://vocalboothtogo.com/vomo-microphone-compatibility/

This is for the latest version of the portable travel vocal booth  – VOMO: https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/vomo-2019-voice-mobile-audio-recording-booth/

Links to stands: VOMO Tripod: https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/travel-tripod-stand-vomo/

Universal Stand: https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/universal-stand/

Microphone Extention adapter: https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/mic-extension-vomo/

Portable condenser Microphone: https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/condenser-microphone-vbm-90s-2/

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