VOMO -Portable – Voice Over MObile Audio Recording Booth.

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VOMO is the portable voice over vocal booth of choice for professional Voice Over Actors and Singers.

The solution to your acoustic problems on the road is finally here!

The VOMO, Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording on the road, provides affordable studio-quality sound control in almost any environment.

Designed and engineered with voice actors in mind, the VOMO now helps elevate the sound quality of vocalists and voice actors everywhere.

VOMO has distinct and undeniable advantages over other portable vocal booths:

  • It provides great reliable acoustic performance for audio recording;
  • It has the most spacious interior space when open for work;
  • It folds small for transport, and can be carried on the plane as carry-on luggage
  • It comes with essential accessories for you to record on the road;
  • It is very versatile and can be used as a desktop, mic stand mountable, tripod mountable etc.
  • It allows you to work with your favorite microphone and does not limit your choice.
  • It is large enough to comfortably fit in a laptop, tablet or script.
  • The 360 degrees Surround Sound Isolation Hood is INCLUDED! Which eliminates any echo that can come from the back.


VOMO is a complete Voice Over recording booth that gives you 360-degree acoustic treatment anywhere you go. It consistently delivers great acoustics in any environment.


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