Echo and Reverberation Acoustic Treatment


Of course, the best acoustic room treatment can be achieved with Sound blankets Producer’s Choice. In this group we assembled more specialized products to treat corners, and ceiling in your home recording studio


Acoustic blankets producers choice are the most cost effective sound absorption material, and anybody who takes care of acoustics have already purchased a few of those.

Buy what about your ceilings?  What about small reflective surfaces where large blanket might be just too much?

Here you can find a variety of sound absorption products to help you treat ceilings, corners, window treatments and so on.

Also we want to bring your attention to the Universal Stand. This stand was specifically developed to support Producer’s choice acoustic blankets.

It is  a heavy duty stand with the T-bar expanding to 6 feet and it can go up to 9 ft tall! We believe you can find many application for this Sound absorption Blanket + stand combination:

Get three stands with blankets to create a tree sided acoustically treated enclosure . This can be great for singers or on stage bands.

how about controlling sound in a church?  The Stand allows for placing the sound absorption, panel strategically in any location.

How about separating players for multi track recording? Yep. Truly universal multi-functional  tool for serious recording artist and musician.




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