Acoustic art panels

Acoustic Felt Panels
Acoustic Felt Panels for sound absorption

Acoustic Felt Panels for best sound absorption

Proper Acoustic Treatment of your home recording studio is extremely important. The higher you get in your career as a voice over or a musician, the more demanding your clients get.Expensive sensitive microphone will pick up tiny reflections and echo coming back from your room.

But treating you home recording studio or even a voice over closet does not have to be boring and monotonous.

We are proud to introduce a brand new product: Acoustic Felt Panels.

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These are unique acoustic panels that are very effective at sound absorption (NRC 0.91). They are very light-weight and extremely easy to install. These panels do not smell, do not give off formaldehyde fumes or shed glass fibers.

And to add a Cherry on the cake we can print any custom image on the panels so you home studio will become not only an acoustically treated space, but also a space that reflects your personality, helps you enjoy and inspire, become a work of art on its own.

See more panels with printing options here:

Acoustic Panels Art

Because they are so light and easy to install the Acoustic Felt panels lend themselves to be used as Acoustic sound clouds. and they can actually look like real clouds!

Acoustic Cloud panel

Acoustic Panel- Sky image

SoundProof Acoustic Panels in bedroom or home theater.

Soundproof Acoustic Art Panels

But WAIT! Sound absorption is great for reducing echo and reverberations, but if your neighbors make too much noise and do not let your sleep or record you need something substantial. Or if you yourself want to sing loudly, practice loud music instruments or like to drum your way through the night.

Why there aren’t a product that would soundproof and treat the room acoustically at the same time!

YES! we thought so too and here it is: Soundproofing Acoustic Felt panels from

These panels have incredible STC 31 ( 31dB sound blocking) and 95% Noise reduction at the same time (NRC-0.95). This is actually very impressive considering that they are not very thick.

NOTE: Actual panel thickness 1.5 to 1.75 inches.

Soundproof Acoustic Panels
Soundproof Acoustic Felt Panels

The soundproof acoustic panels are heavier, that Acoustic panels for sound absorption, but they can also be easily installed on a bedroom wall to block the noise from neighbors.

Soundproofing Acoustic Panels are available in three colors: classic white, stylish grey and modern black. Ready to ship!

We can also print any image on acoustic panels to make your bedroom, office or recording studio not only quiet, but also visually appealing. Create calming ambience in your home or promote your brand in the office!

To order Soundproof Acoustic Felt Panels with custom image or photo please go to  Acoustic Panels

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