At we love to solve problems for our customers and we like to develop new effective products, BUT, the butt of it, we do not bother to write and send installation instructions.
And for that, I APOLOGIZE!
So here is a video How to install Acoustic Felt Panels for Sound Absorption.

If after watching this video you might think that you had never seen these panels before – YOU ARE RIGHT!
This is one of our new products, that just came out of testing with amazing results: NRC – 0.91 (91 % noise reduction).
The acoustic felt panels for sound absorption, do not contain any harmful fibers like glass wool or rockwool, and they do not contain any formaldehyde and any other substances, which are (of course!) known to the State of California to cause cancer.
The panels are also fire-resistant and do not burn.
So. let’s see, they are:

  • extremely effective at absorbing sound and noise reduction;
  • not a health hazard;
  • will not disintegrate over time;
  • fire-resistant;
  • durable ( practically indestructible in normal use);
  • easy to mount;
  • require no assembly!

Can it be any better?
Yes, it can!
They can be customized with any image of your choosing!
Acoustic panels do not need to be so boring anymore!
Now you can in one smart move acoustically treat your home recording studio and make it look great too!

To get your own panel go to you can get three solid colors: Grey, Black, or White:

or you can get them with your favorite image.

Acoustic Felt Panels with Custom Imprint

These panels are a great addition to your studio and a great gift idea!

(of course, there is!)
We also developed Soundblocking Acoustic Felt Panels:

For far too long I was trying to explain to people that “Sound blocking and soundproofing are different problems and require different products and different solutions”
but then I thought: “Why is that? There’s got to be a better way!”
and here it is!
These new Acoustic Felt Panels with SoundBlocking liner block about 31 dB of sound and absorb 95% of noise! (STC – 31; NRC- 0:95).
Yes, we had tested everything.

And… We can print an image on those too!
(Production time – 5- 7 business days)

if you have any questions please visit and if you need a portable vocal booth or mobile recording studio – please go to:

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