Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets

Stephany and Erick Studio Blanket Review Producer’s Choice

Content creators and musical couple Stephany and Erick review our Producer’s Choice blankets in their studio build in the house they share. See how they did it and listen for the before and after to hear the difference for yourself of what the Producer’s Choice sound absorbing blankets and do

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Marcus Thomas acoustic blanket drum studio

Pro-drummer Marcus Thomas chooses Producer’s Choice blankets when setting up his own studio at home, without having to build a recording studio. Here he shows how he does it. Marcus’s blankets of choice:… All Producer’s Choice acoustical sound absorbing blankets:… Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable

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Sound Treatment for Recording Studio Space

Mark from Vocal Booth To Go takes us along as he treats our new video recording space with our Producer’s Choice blanket material. He also will address a noisy AC unit in the space and what can be done for that, as well as using our track system to split

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Do Producer’s Choice Acousic Blankets shrink after wash?

In this video we tested how much sound blankets shrink after wash. Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets shrink about 1-2 inches in length and width after the wash. This happens because the blankets expand and get thicker. This video also provides an interesting example of Producer’s choice acoustic blankets in action.

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