Portable Vocal Booths – Comparison review: Weights and Measurements. What can it fit?

What can fit in a portable Vocal Booth? Is it practical to take on the road? In this video we compared the weight and size of three portable vocal booths. Everybody wants to know what a portable vocal booth can fit, how easy it is to carry and is it really portable or just marketed that way. We changed the names of the actual products to make sure not to hurt anybody’s feelings.

We also presented a comparison of interior space (working volume) of a booth, and its “travel size” (the size of the product folded, that you would take on the road).

As you can see from the video VOMO has maximum working space available with minimum travel volume. It can fit number of gear and still have enough room to do quality recording. Foam Porta Booth is compact and light for travel, but it has limited usable space when it is open. Isobox – has similar usable space as the Porta Foam booth, but when it is disassembled, folded ( stuck is a better description) it is very bulky, heavy and really it is very hard to imagine someone actually travelling with it. It also does not come with a travel bag.

This video is part of the series. We compared portable vocal booths for:

1. Ease of assembly and Portability;
2. Soundproofing capacity for incoming and outgoing sound
3. Acoustic performance, namely ability to remove reverberations from an untreated space for audio recording (voice over and singing).
4. Weight and Measurements

These comparative tests are carefully designed to give the viewer an objective understanding of performance of each product.

For example before we did assembly we assembled and reassembled each booth several time to avoid the “what is this part for???” delays.

To test soundproofing and acoustics each booth was tested in exact same environment and the same test conditions. To make sure we present accurate results.

Each test was done in triplicates. Even though we only show one set.

VOMO – your Portable Voice Over Recording Studio provides ample interior space for audio recording voice over or singing. Allows you to work with your favorite microphone in your favorite location. Sounds Good!

For a walk in acoustic vocal booth: Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths

Acoustic Blankets Producer’s Choice for Sound Absorption and Soundproofing

Acoustic panels for home studio, office, medical space or bars/restaurants. You can print your images directly on the panel or get black, grey or white panel without image.

VocalBoothToGo is also available in Europe: VocalBoothToGo UK or VocalBoothToGo EU.

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