Thank you very much for purchasing SPB33, our new and improved 2022 model with plastic connectors! Below you’ll find step by step instructions how to assemble frame with floor mats and support straps and then install wall, roof and door panels. 

You may also download complete guide in power point presentation format or PDF document. If you need any assistance with your new Vocal Booth, please contact us at any time: [email protected]

Part 1: Frame Assembly

Here is how assembled frame would look like:

SPB33 2022 Frame with Floor Mats and Support Straps

Included Frame Parts: Door Frame connectors, Vocal Booth Frame connectors, Door Frame bars (marked with letters “A” to “D”), Booth Frame bars (marked with letters “E” and “F”) and Roof Support Strap:

SPB33 2022: Frame Parts

Frame Assembly overview:

SPB33 2022 Frame Assembly Overview

Please note: lay out the Door frame parts on the floor. The 3-way connectors and the top/bottom horizontal poles marked with letter “E” and vertical poles with letter “F” located on the frame box package.

Door Frame assembly:

SPB33 2022: door frame assembly

Door Frame connectors:

SPB33 2022: door frame connectors

Please lay out the Door connectors on the floor:

SPB33 2022:Lay Out Door Connectors

Lay out the Bars

1. Once the parts have been laid out, begin connecting the bars to and through the various connectors:

SPB33 2022: Lay Out Bars

SPB33 Vocal Booth 2022: connecting bars

Attention: please make sure to install L connector as shown with the longer end inserted in the vertical pole marked “D”:

SPB33 2022: complete assembly instructions

Let’s connect all parts together:

SPB33 2022 model: frame assembly

Important note: when connecting the middle section, please make sure to align all parts first and fit them in, then connect one by one trying to keep all parallel.

Frame Assembly Diagram:

SPB33 Vocal Booth 2022 Model: frame assembly diagram

Note: “E” and “F” tubes may not be marked. However, you can tell them by size: “E” is longer then “F” tube. E = 38 inches and F = 36.8 inches.

Main Frame Connectors

There are two types of main frame connectors: Straight Connectors and 3 Way 90° Connectors:

SPB33 2022: main frame connectors

Continue assembling the rest of the frame:

SPB33 2022 Vocal Booth: Frame Assembly

Note: if you do not have enough ceiling clearance, please position the door frame vertically and continue assembly of the rest of the frame in vertical position.

Attach Roof Support Straps:

SPB33 2022 model: roof support straps

Note: the roof support straps have a loop on the end and the other end is fastened to the opposite side bar by D-ring attachment.

Attach the movable part of the door frame:

SPB33 2022 model: frame assembly completed

Congratulations! This completes Frame assembly.

Part 2: Panels Installation

SPB33 2022: Part 2 - panels installation

Please note: we recommend the following order:

  1. Start with installing blankets;
  2. Wall panels;
  3. Door side panel;
  4. Roof panel.

Sometimes when the space is tight and you have to install the booth in a corner – it make sense to install the back panel (close to the wall) first. Then blankets, side walls, etc.

Once the frame is assembled it will be difficult to move it, so ideally you want to set it up right where it supposed to be.

Hang the blankets on the frame:

SPB33 2022: hanging blankets on the frame

Note: hang the blankets on the inside of the frame. Start from the middle of the door and follow around until you get back to the door. No need to stretch the blankets they should hang loose.

Hang the Wall panels on the frame:

SPB33 2022 model: wall panels installation

Please note: have two people when installing the wall panels. They are quite heavy.
Once the panels are on the frame you can slide them to adjust for exact position.
Each panel has inside flap with sound blocker that needs to be wrapped around and hooked by Velcro to the adjacent panel. This flap seals the gap between the walls. The outside flap needs to be pulled tight and also attached to the adjacent panel.

Installing the Door panel:

SPB33 2022 model: door panel installation

Note: start by hanging the Door panel same way as the wall panels. Then adjust the position to make sure that the door frame fit and the door can open. You would need to place the metal hook brackets of the door panel over the plastic F connectors of the door frame.
Then use the Velcro tie ups to attach the door panel to the door frame all around.

Installing the Roof panel:

SPB33 2022: vocal booth assembly - roof panel

Note: With two people after you place the roof panel on the frame – one person should help from the inside by pushing the panel upwards and disconnecting from Velcro and the other person would align the roof from the outside. Once the roof is squared on the top the person on the inside would unfold and attach the interior flap. To finish up seal the roof with the exterior flaps.

This completes the SPB33 (2022 model) assembly:

SPB33 2022: completed vocal booth assembly

Accessories for SPB33:

Light can be placed simply under the roof straps. 

Ventilation fan: If you Purchased the fan with the Sleeve the fan itself should be positioned outside and the plastic portion of the sleeve can be inserted between the wall and door panels. Simply open the left side corner door/wall panel and insert the sleeve in it.

You can also add a longer tube in case you want to draw air from a window or an AC.

If you require any assistance with SPB33 vocal booth, please contact us: [email protected] at any time. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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