In this video we compare portable vocal booths in a very reflective (bad) acoustic environment to record Voice Over. Which one is more efficient in cancelling echo and reverberations: PORTABOOTH Pro? ISOVOX? VOMO?

The purpose of the portable vocal booth is to create great acoustic conditions in bad locations with lots of echo and reflections. Listen to the samples and try to hear the difference.

We made this side by side comparative portable vocal booth review: VOMO, ISOVOX and PortaBooth Pro from Harlan Hogan. The narration was done by a professional voice actor in the same exact spot, only the booths were changed to compare the difference.

All tests were done in triplicates to make sure the results are consistent.


Well, this test is subjective and depends a lot on how experienced the listener is. So we think you should make your own conclusion. In my opinion there is a distinct difference in all four recordings: Obviously the control recording is very bright with lots of echo.

PORTABOOTH sounded a little dull, with still some echo present. This is probably because the acoustic foam positioned very close to the microphone due to the smaller interior space and also Portabooth does not provide protection from behind the actor, (or provides very little protection.)

ISOVOX provided more protection due to thicker enclosure, but it sounded a bit boomy, probably because of again: the proximity of the absorption material to the microphone ( by design the mic has to be placed right next to the back wall of the booth. And also because ISOVOX has rigid walls that might reflect the sound back to the microphone. And this is why it sounded boomy and dull.

VOMO, on the other hand, removed all external reflections from the recording, yet it kept the voice alive and not dull. This is because the larger interior space does not create the high frequency depletion as is the case with PORTABOOTH and the ISOVOX. The recording sounds more natural.


VOMO – provided the most clear sounding recording
ISOVO – sounded boomy and dull
Portabooth – did not provide sufficient protection from external sound reflections and echo, yet it made the recording sound dull.

VOMO – your Portable Voice Over Recording Studio provides ample interior space for audio recording voice over or singing. Allows you to work with your favorite microphone in your favorite location.

Sounds Good!

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