Which portable vocal booth is more efficient in reducing sound escaping the enclosure: ISOVOX? VOMO? PORTABOOTH Pro? Can you actually use portable vocal booth to sing without disturbing your neighbors? Are they actually soundproof?

We did this test and found very interesting results:

This video reviewed how efficient different vocal booths at reducing noise coming from the inside of the booth, such as singing practice. We made this side by side comparative review of the major portable vocal booths on the market: VOMO, ISOVOX and PortaBooth Pro from Harlan Hogan. The sound source is an acapella opera singer practice.

The measurements done by sound meter and also by direct recording by microphone and then comparing the waveform from each recording side by side. The distance between the sound source ( singer) and the recording ( microphone) and noise measuring devices (sound level meter) were constant. We only changed the booth over the speaker.

All tests were done in triplicates in soundproof and acoustically treated studio. DISCUSSION:

As was shown in a previous video with outside noise test portable Vocal booths did indeed reduce the sound level coming out from the inside of the booth ( from our improvised opera singer). Since it was a melody with ups and downs direct sound meter levels was difficult to compare, so we compared an average sound level based on the sound recording waveform and also marked the loudest note registered by the sound meter.

Results were very interesting…

First of all it was surprising to see that Portabooth was somewhat effective in reducing the sound level escaping from the booth. It was unexpected because Portabooth did really nothing to stop the outside noise from getting into the booth.

VOMO performed very well reducing the escaping sound by about 8-9 dB, which was consistent with other experiments and other tests.

ISOVOX also performed quite well reducing the escaping sound by about 7-8 dB. But we noticed the changed waveform pattern in the ISOVOX tests. While the loudest note in the original recording ( control) and the Portabooth and the VOMO tests was in the same segment of the melody, the Loudest note in ISWOVOX recording was registered in a different segment. This led us to believe that the hard structure of the ISOVOX walls, might be reflecting some of the sound back into the booth. hich coincides with the wave pattern and the conclusion we made in the previous test – “Blocking outside noise (see “Vacuum test”). I think this is related to the material the booths are made of:

ISOVOX has rigid solid walls and therefore probably reflects as well as absorbs a range of frequencies.

VOMO has only absorption layer, so it would absorb more of the high frequency and “let out” more of the low frequencies. This is why the sound waveform was more rugged, than for Isovox.


VOMObest in reducing singing sound escaping the booth.
ISOVOX – Close second
Portabooth – Third place.

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