Acoustic Sound Blankets Producer’s Choice: Size 80″ x 80″


Our most popular Producer Choice Acoustic Blankets because of the smaller size and lower cost.
Here are grouped sound blankets in the 80 x 80 inch size:

VB-70 = Black/White – NO Grommets

VB-70G  = Black/White – WITH Grommets

VB-71 = All Black – NO Grommets

VB-71G = All Black – WITH Grommets

SB-VG = Black/White – WITH Grommets & VELCRO TIES

VB70G+W = Blanket with Window. ( 80 x 80 black/white with grommets and clear vinyl window)

These blankets weighs about 10 pounds each.

Blankets are sold individually

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All blankets are made from the same material, and perform the same acoustically.

Color choices: Black both sides or Black/White with our without grommets.

Blankets with SKU’s containing letter “G” have 8 grommets on the top 80 inches side. (The stitching will run vertically).


To receive a Volume Discount use the following coupon codes

Use coupon sb-10 when purchasing 6 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 10% off;

Use coupon sb-15 when purchasing 12 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 15% off;

Use coupon sb-18 when purchasing 18 or more blankets of the same kind,  for 18% off;


Product Disclaimer: These blankets are utility products specifically designed for soundabsorption functionality. There may be some  slight imperfections. For example, the material might have folds and crevices in the stitching; the dimensions might be 2-3 inches off the advertised dimensions; binding might be folded when stitched; and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. This does not constitute a “faulty product”. Also, please be aware that the blankets are not “soundproof”.  


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