VB71-G Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice Black (80″ H x 80″ W) WITH GROMMETS


Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blanket with Grommets for sound absorption and sound control.

All black.  Size 80 x 80 inches.  Weight 9-10 lbs. SKU VB71-G


VB71-G.  Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice- Black. Size 80×80 with Grommets

Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets are perfect for soaking up unwanted noise and providing the sound you want in your recordings. Producer’s Choice is not just our brand name, it’s a fact! Producers choose our blankets time and time again for soundproofing vocal booths and acoustic room treatment.

The black color provides total darkness and controls the lighting, making the blankets invisible in the dark. This sound blanket is filled with sound absorptive recycled cotton fibers and the outer material made from cotton-mix fabric. These are washable, very nice soft, thick blankets designed for soundproofing with enhanced acoustic qualities, compared to regular moving blankets.

No matter what coverage you need, a window, a section of wall, a whole wall, a floor-to-ceiling wall, a whole room, or even a whole house, we have got a product for you! Producer’s Choice sound proofing blankets can be bought individually, by the bolt, the dozen, or half dozen.

Sound Absorption Efficiency: 80% Noise absorption, NRC Rating 0.8 (G-75 mount)

In Europe, you can find the VB71G blankets here:

Note: These blankets are utility products specifically designed for functionality. Therefore, you may find slight imperfections. For example, the material might have folds and crevices in the stitching; the dimensions might be 2-3 inches off the advertised dimensions; binding might be folded when stitched; and minor needle marks on the material can be expected. Also, please be aware that the blanket is not “soundproof”.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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