Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with Grommets for sound absorption and sound control. All black.  Size 80 x 80 inches.  Weight 9-10 lbs. SKU VB71-G  


VB70.  Sound Blankets Producers Choice.  For acoustic room treatment and sound absorption. White-Black. Size 80x80. Weight 9-10 lbs each.


Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket- All Black. VB71.  Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice- Black. Size 80x80 inches. weight 9 - 10 lbs,


These Window noise reduction covers designed to reduce the noise reflecting from the window and coming through it.  The Window Noise Control Blanket is made out…

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Acoustic blankets to cut reflection from the ceiling. Sound blanket is 24 x 48 inches and has grommets all around it for easy attachment to…


Here is how to order Custom Velcro Tie ups: Add to your cart Velcro tie ups in the quantity you need; Add blankets to install…


Wall track kit allows you to cover the doorways and windows with sound absorption blankets so you can move the blankets out of the way…