Soundproofing Acoustic Panels


Acoustic Panels with Sound Blocking Layer available in three colors: classic white, stylish grey and modern black. Ready to ship!

Here is another product to help you solve acoustic problems in your home recording studio, home movie theater, office, church, school, restaurant and many other places where you need peace and quiet.

Our Soundproof Acoustic panels check all the boxes:

1) They are great for soundproofing. The panels block about 31dB of sound in midrange frequency and up to 50 dB at high end. (STC 31) .

2) They are great for sound absorption and cancelling echo and reverb. It shows excellent noise reduction properties as sound absorber absorbing 95% of noise. (The NRC ( Noise reduction coefficient) is 0.95), with great performance at the low end, because of the limp membrane properties of the mass loaded backing.

3) All in one solution easy to install. You can use this product to sound proof AND acoustically treat your home studio, turn your closet into a vocal booth, cover your bedroom wall to block out funny sounds that may be produced by your neighbors. Hang it in the office to completely cover the dividing walls and reduce the outside noise, to make your clients feel more comfortable.

4) They are visually appealing and non-intrusive.  No more sacrificing appearance of your workplace in order to achieve piece and quiet. You can select ready to ship panels in white, grey or black color. We can also print images of your favorite places on these panels!  Company Logo. Your sport team colors. We can turn a utility product into a piece of art, for your enjoyment, to promote your brand, create a comfortable and pleasing ambiance at an extra cost.

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 2 in

white, grey, black


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