Instructions on how to use Portable Vocal Booth Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro.
Carry-on Vocal Booth is specifically designed with traveling voice actor in mind.
This portable vocal booth has manyu advanatges over the DIY acoustic foam based booth in terms of sound quality, portability, durability and versatility of use and applications.
Carry-on Vocal Booth comes in a durable travel case with sound absorbing acoustic booth and support table. Carry-on Vocal Booth comes ready to be set on a microphone stand, it also includes light and miniboom.

The Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.


Step 1: Place the pocket side down and with the handles (or the top of the bag) facing you and then unzip the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro.

Step 2: Reach inside with one hand and pull the base-arch support strap towards you — to the front of the booth. The booth will open up.

Straighten-up the material, and you are ready to work!

Tip: If you are not working on a leveled surface you might want to fix the support arches by side Velcro holds.

Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro is intended to create an acoustically beneficial environment for audio recording on the go. Specifically to cut out echo and reverberations and dampen the surrounding noise level. It is NOT soundproof.

CoVB can be used in variety of settings, which makes it superior to any other available product out there — you can plant it on desk, car, picnic table — any surface to support its weight. It can be placed on your lap or it can be used hanging off a hook or a tree branch. Anything.

For voice over actors, we provided an option to have the CoVB mounted on a microphone stand. The specially designed support table and the bracket fit standard microphone stand poles.

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