In this video you can see how to set up the Carry on Vocal booth Pro.
The booth comes with metal support table, support arches and fiberglass support rods already installed.
Additional included items are : MicroMic Stand, Miniboom, Light and Microphone Mounting bracket.

MicroMic stand is good on the road or table top set up, where you might not be able to have regular microphone stand.
Microphone mounting Bracket is designed to work together with support table and go onto a Microphone Stand shaft.
Miniboom can be mounted onto the Micro Mic stand or Over a regular microphone stand and provide adjustable support for a microphone, script holder, pop filter or other attachments.
Light can be attached to the front or the back arch support of the portable vocal booth with Velcro strips.

Additional accessories that are available from site are Copy holder (works with pretty much any tablet), Microphone stand, Pop Filter ( with or Without goose neck attachment), accessory bag.

Carry on Vocal Booth is allowed in most aircraft as a carry on luggage. In some cases we were told that the booth was placed in a separate cargo department on the plane ( like they do with strollers).
Booth size folded 22 x 4 x 22 inches,
Booth Size open 22 W x 20 H x 20 Deep.
Weight 12 lbs.

to learn more please go here: acoustic-sound-blankets-sound-absorption-panels-producers-choice

to listen how the Carry-on Vocal Booth actually works watch this video:
Thank you for watching.

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