Great Thank You to Mike for this review of the AVB63 ( Acoustical Vocal Booth for Voice over recording at home)!

To get clear recording at home or office it is important to get rid of sound reflections such as echo and reverberations in the room. Mobile Acoustical Vocal booth presents and easy and affordable solution to do that. We have many customers who “tried the rest” and found our booth to be the best!

Couple of comments to what Mike said in the video:

1. The Acoustical vocal booths are not designed top be soundproof, this is why we called it “Acoustic vocal booth” because they take care of sound reflections. In a quite room this is all you need. The Acoustic Vocal booth will also reduce the humming noise by about 8-10 dB. You can find the direct link to AVB series booths here.

2. If you need to block out sound then the Soundproof(er) Sound Booth is the answer. See here how to select a sound isolation booth that is good for you: Soundproofer sound Booths, SPB Series from– how to choose the one that suits you best?

Single wall SPB 63 booth: Mobile Sound Booth 6×3 with Soundproofing – Portable Vocal Booth

Enhanced Double wall SPB63 booth: Enhanced Mobile Sound Booth 6×3 (SPB63-2) with two layers of limp mass soundproofing barrier.

3. Please note that microphone is NOT included in a regular package. AVB vocal booths include Frame, Acoustic covers ( blankets) and LED light.

The microphone (VBM-90S) you can find here.

The VBM-90S is designed for Voice actors and Audio Recording Professionals who travel. It is a lightweight, small microphone that provides excellent quality sound recording.

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