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Soundproof-er Sound Booth SPB63 Assembly Instructions

NOTE: we have SPB sound booth in different sizes and the assembly of all of them is pretty similar. It is very important that you start assembly with assembling the door frame side. If you get that under control – everything else will be easy. These booths are a great

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VocalBooth-PVC Frame-room

PVC Vocal Booth Frames Review

Challenge of recording voice over or music at home is getting acoustics right. Not everyone can afford to get acoustically treated rooms and well tuned studios. Lots of effort goes into creating amazing and unique recording spaces to achieve good sound with what’s available. Pillow fortified toilet booth> Reflection room

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Best Practices in Creating a Home Recording Studio Space

“There are three key aspects in capturing good sound — the quality of the instrument, the quality of the player and acoustic room treatment,’’ Martin Morrisette told VocalBoothToGo.com during a video interview about his music business and best practices in creating a home recording studio space. Marty, an accomplished musician

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