Installation brief on how to install Wall Panels with Soundblocking core.

The panels designed to block approximately 30dB of sound and absorb around 90% of noise.

It blocks sound coming in and sound coming out.  The acoustic blanket cover designed to absorb echo and reverberation inside the room itself.

The Sound blocking core is made out of Mass Loaded Vinyl with STC 27.  Acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice have NRC 80.  Combination of the two increases both STC and NRC of the finished panel.

The back side of the panel covered with Ballistic Nylon. It should be facing the wall, but it can be reversed, if soundabsorption efficiency is not important.  Why would you have the Nylon side facing in? Well if you work in a dusty environment – Nylon is easier to clean than the Blanket side.

The panels are 40 inches wide and 96 inches long.  We can change the length of the panel, but not the width.  This is due to the material limitations. Making the panels more narrow would create an additional labor expense and waste of material. So the resulting smaller panels would cost more than the larger panels.

The wall panels with soundblock come with 2 inch wide Velcro loop strips attached to two vertical sides from the back.  We also provide the 4 Inch Velcro Hook roll to connect two adjoining panels into one wall cover.

So if you get 2 panels we include 1 roll of Velcro Hooks, if you get 3 panels we include 2 rolls of Velcro Hooks. If you get just one panel – we do not include any Velcro Hooks. 

The panels need to be hang flat on the wall.

In the video we use Anchors that are rated for 75lbs support.  Just screw one anchor in first, then use a screw and let it stick out for about 0.5 inch or so.  If you want to go fancy, you can use a hook screw. Anchors also can be different. We just wanted to show the simplest way.

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