Soundproofing a door is very important. Door is usually the “weakest link” in the soundproofing of a room or apartment. To block the sound coming through the door, the door has to be massive and solid. With airtight sealing all around it. Double doors even better. But in residential housing, this is not the case. Most interior doors are hollow. There is an opening under the door and it usually does not close very tight.

This is why this soundproof-er door cover with sound blocking core made out of limp mass sound barrier (in this case we used Mass Loaded Vinyl = MLV) is a great option to add mass to the door and block as much as 33 dB of noise.

This particular cover is a custom order, but we are going to make it a standard option. We used to have a different soundproof door panel design, that would be attached to a wall and go over the door.

The problem with that product is that it was not very manageable. And it would get in a way, especially if someone wants to open the door onto the side where the panel is. So we designed this new type of soundproof-er door cover that would move with the door.

When using that door cover to soundproof your apartment and door, please bear in mind that the cover adds a lot of weight to the door. Make sure that the hinges are strong enough to support the weight. The door soundproof panel designed to have the side facing the interior to have a Producer’s Choice acoustic blanket material on it.

We have two options: to fit 32 inch wide doors and 36 inch wide doors. As of the time of this upload, it is a custom made to order product. You can order by sending an email to [email protected] or go to
The only color option is Black.

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