Audio Recording Studio for music bands, vocalists and voice over acting: Frederick Recording Studio

We have built a recording studio with live room for bands, podcast rooms for recording interviews, presentations and e-learning at VocalBoothToGo we go one more step in helping voice actors and musicians opening a state of the art Recording Studio. With Coronavirus restrictions being relaxed we invite everyone to come and work on your project in the studio or we can work with you remotely:

To book a session or learn more about what the studio can do for you please e-mail Brian at Brian @ address: Audio-engineering service for Voice over: Please call: (240) 253 – 6507

For more innovative products to get the best audio recording in your home recording studio, acoustic room treatment, DIY vocal booth or home soundproofing solutions go to:

Home of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, Soundproof-er Sound booths and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption and increase noise reduction. Recording Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products every day to control their sound environment and record beautiful audio!

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