Voice Actor's Studio - audio-engineering services.

Audio-recording and postproduction services. As the world continues to be closing up in what seems to be a permanent lockdown we want to open our doors to a new recording studio and offer audioengineering and audio production services to voice actors, singers and musicians.

If you are in the neighborhood please feel free to visit us at our brand new recording studio, that is built from the perspective to provide the most soundproofing and the best acoustic conditions to make your recording shine.

The superior acoustic quality of the recording studio supported by latest audio recording equipment and the audio engineer with international experience, specializing in postproduction, ADR and all other things voice over.

We can work on site or remotely through Source Connect and Session Wire.

To talk about your project please e-mail us at [email protected]   Or Call: 240-253-6507.

From our senior audio-engineer


We are fully equipped to capture pristine voices. We are audiophiles at heart. We have assembled a unique variety of microphones, analog preamps, and digital processors of the highest quality. Our acoustically treated studios offer space and comfort for talent and producers to deliver the best performance for every take.

 We are all about the technical side of capturing performance to make sure you sound your best.

With more than 15 years in the voice acting industry & trusted by clients worldwide, our creative teams excel at providing you with industry leading technology, standards, and techniques.

recording studio-live room

Some of the equipment we have available:

API Recording / Mixing Console. RME 800 Audio Interface, Waves Mercury Plugin Bundle, Plugin Alliance Mixing Bundles, TC Electronics 6000 Series Mastering Tools, Izotope Mixing / Audio Restoration / Mastering Tools. Audio Engineer with real world experience working with Warner Brothers, DreamWorks Pictures & Turner Networks.

To talk about your project!

please e-mail us at [email protected]

Or Call: 240-253-6507 and ask for Brian.

Audio Recording Studio for music bands, vocalists and voice over acting. Welcome to Frederick Recording Studio:

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