Vocal Boothrentals


Other sound booths may claim to be mobile, but shipping and assembly of solid wall sound isolation enclosures is very expensive and time consuming.  VocalBoothToGo really designed a booth that can be ordered “to go”!

We rent Acoustical Vocal Booths, AVB series, and Soundproof-er Sound Booths, SPB series, on a weekly basis to companies and individuals who need a sound isolation enclosure for a short period of time, for in site audio recording, use at Trade shows as a quiet conference rooms and negotiation offices. For recording a story on location, like Story Corps, for podcasts, music practice, voice over recording away from studio, audio recording at various events, equipment testing and much more.

The rental process is very simple: we sign an agreement and send you a booth for a predetermined period of time (in weekly increments), when you are done, simply pack the sound booth back the way it was delivered and we will schedule a carrier to pick it up from your location.  It is that simple!

Many customers want to buy the booth at the end of their rental.  It is also possible.  We call it “Try-Before-You-Buy” option.  For example, if you are not sure if the booth will be a good fit for you, you can test it as a rental first and then complete the rental and return it.  Or pay the balance and keep the booth.

Select your rental booth here: “VocalBoothRental”

***Rentals take approximately 1 week to prepare and ship.***

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