Personalized custom image Acoustic Felt Panels – AFP-CI



This is a new sound absorption product developed by for easy and efficient treatment of home recording studios and offices, that can be personalized with custom own image, logo or your favorite hero or team.

Acoustic Felt panel is a new product that in very efficient sound absorber.

It is great for your home recording studio or office to remove echo and reverberation.
It is safe for your heath – no harmful fibers as rockwool, or formaldehyde fumes as acoustic foam.
It will not deteriorate over time.
it is very easy to install – just pin it to a wall, with minimal damage to the walls and very easy to remove an move to a new location.

It gives you the best return on your investment

NRC – 0.9 in 2 inch thickness. ( 90% noise reduction)

Size 24 x 48 x 2 Inches.

can be easily cut down to size .