This awesome YouTube video shows a new custom designed product for a voice actor who has to work from a wheelchair. This new vocal booth provides great acoustic and soundproofing conditions, so people do not need to get off the wheelchair to work:

Voice over, live streaming, podcasting any sound recording activity is what people with lost mobility can still do and still be productive. Yet, we are not aware of any products that would be designed for people that have mobility constrains.

Even getting into a vocal booth for a wheel chair bound person can be a challenge , because of the steps etc. Using desktop enclosures is also inconvenient, because one has to lean towards the microphone to get to the optimal distance. Our WheelChair Vocal Booth alleviates all these problems.

With Wheelchair Vocal Booth the person can be leaning back to their comfortable position and simply move the microphone closer.

VocalBoothToGo will provide additional video and instructions on how the Wheelchair vocal booth can be used and how to make one at home. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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