Q) How to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment

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We’ve recently received following question about noise reduction in dog kennels:

Q) I’m a professional dog trainer, looking for a solution to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment. Please see picture:

A) Please see our dedicated article about sound reduction in dog kennels. Looking at your picture I can immediately see that area that you could and should address to immediately reduce the noise level:

The metal walls of the barn right behind the kennels is the amplifier of any noise.
What you can do it to use the acoustic felt panels to line up the wall behind the cages. The panels are 48 x 24 inches each and have noise absorption rating of 90%

The other method, not instead but in addition to lining up the reflective surfaces with sound absorption materials, is to plant a lot of bushes all around the area. I see that you have the artificial grass and I understand that maintaining the live plants is a challenge, but if you plat the fir trees and all sorts of bushes on the perimeter of the yard, this will do a great deal to reduce the noise going out to the neighbors.

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