This is the third part of the series to show if the PalletVO actually works. I tested the ventilation system and how noisy it is, I showed how to make the ventilation system quieter by using our Ventilation Muffler. We also tested the soundproofing capacity of the sound isolation booth to block the sound coming in and going out of the booth. We also demonstrated that the vocal booth inside is completely dead acoustically.

All in all the booth proved to be a GREAT success!

It provided an environment with NO sound reflections and no reverb.

It blocks 30 dB noise coming from outside the booth.

It has great ventilation with high airflow and very low, practically no additional noise.

I build it alone from start to finish. I used only basic woodworking tools. I did not use any sophisticated tools, and no sophisticated techniques. This build is just and idea. It describes some important principles that you need to keep in mind building a functional soundproof and acoustically treated vocal booth, but the size and design you can do your own. As your skill space and material source can allow you.

First Video in the series:

Second Video in the series:

Let me know the specific questions you might have so I can answer in the following videos.

Materials Used:

  1. Pallets – Available for free at a business center near you!
  2. Mass loaded Vinyl
  3. Acoustic Felt Panels (available in White/Gray/Black) and also with a custom Imprint).
  4. Acoustic Blankets Producer’s Choice
  5. Spring Loaded Pads

To be Continued! Please follow our YouTube channel for more videos about acoustics, sound recording and soundproofing lifehacks.

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