This is the video of building a vocal booth from free wooden pallets. We called it “Palletvo Booth”:

Most of the materials that were used in building this vocal booth are found in a dumpster or next to it. The only materials that cannot be easily found in a dumpster are:

Mass Loaded Vinyl (very important for proper sound proofing);

Acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice – they are too precious to be dumped by any sensible person;

Acoustic Felt Panels – those are very convenient for ceiling installation;

Decoupling pads – Decoupling pads are optional and can be replaced by a rubber mat.

Build your soundproof VocalBooth out of pallets! This video shows what you need to know to build efficient sound isolation enclosure or vocal booth out of discarded pallets. This is the second video in the series that shows complete build from start to finish.

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