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VocalBoothToGo Solutions: Glue or not to glue?

PVC Vocal Booth frame: Glue or not to glue?

This video is a first in our new Series “Vocal Booth to go – Solutions” Or is it “Vocal Booth Solutions To Go”? Whichever it is it is time to go on: In this series we will post Q and A videos to answer most popular questions. In particular these

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How to hang Acoustic Panels (the EASY way).

At VocalBoothToGo.com we love to solve problems for our customers and we like to develop new effective products, BUT, the butt of it, we do not bother to write and send installation instructions.And for that, I APOLOGIZE!So here is a video How to install Acoustic Felt Panels for Sound Absorption.

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How To Make Face Mask Using Paper Clips

With corona virus making its way across the globe www.VocalBoothToGo.com provides musicians and voice actors with easy ways to create your own home recording studio. We also help people to block other noisy people. We all want to stay safe and this is how you can make your own face

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What Is The Hanging Vocal Booth?

How to build a vocal booth quickly in a garage, basement anywhere. This is a new product from VocalBoothToGo.com that is designed to help anyone with limited space and/or resources to instantly create acoustically dead space for great audio recording. This video shows how to get great sounding audio recording

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