These panels cost under $10 and take 10 minutes to make. Really? Yes, Really. It seems that everybody is making DIY acoustic sound panels out of wood. They claim that it only cost $20 or other ridiculously low amount of money, yet they do not account for thousands of dollars of professional equipment they use. Also, the wood is not really great material to do acoustic panels; it is expensive, heavy and reflective.

In this video we suggested a new way to make DIY acoustic panels for sound proofing – out of discarded cardboard corners. From the sound absorption efficiency point of view the frame is not necessary, its only purpose is to contain the sound absorbing stuffing and provide carcass to stretch the fabric. So cardboard corners can do a great job. No need for wood, no need for professional equipment – just scissors and some glue.

We showed how to make a DIY acoustic panel. And we also suggested a way of making your DIY sound absorbing panels Beautiful:

Finally! DIY Acoustic Panels for best sound absorption you can actually make!

If you make a frame – we can print an image for you! Send us an e-mail with your image and the image size desired to support @ or support-mi @ and we will print and send you the image to wrap up your panels and make them stand out. You can also select an image for your acoustic panels in our image library.

At the end of the video we demonstrated the Acoustic Felt Panels with a image printed directly on the panel.

Treat your room acoustically and treat yourself aesthetically with these efficient and beautiful acoustic panels. Acoustic room treatment does not need to be ugly, it does not need to be monotonous and boring and it does not need to be hugely expensive either.

Acoustic Felt Panels is a new acoustic product, that has 91% sound absorption rating (NRC 0.91). Besides being very efficient, these acoustic panels are also very safe. There are no rockwool fibers that can be dislodged and get airborne. No formaldehyde like in acoustic foam. Clean healthy and durable product. Installation is very easy. Can be cut to shape.

We can print a custom image of your choice directly on the panels. For more information or to order go to

There are two options available;
Acoustic panels for sound absorption;
and Soundblocking acoustic panels.

Panels cane be in neutral colors like Gray, Black or White or we can print a custom artwork on your acoustic panels.

Soundproof Acoustic panels block around 31 dB of sound ( STC 31) and also have 95% sound absorption ( NRC 0.95) . So if you need to treat the room acoustically and block the noise coming from neighbor’s apartment this is an all-in one solution for you. Plus it can be with a beautiful custom imprint, so it will add to your home recording studio, office or apartment and not make it boring. is a dedicated acoustic art panels product website from

Do not want to make acoustic panels yourself? Order acoustic blanket for soundproofing from

If you need to eliminate the echo, but want the home recording studio look presentable you can use acoustic blankets or acoustic felt panels with imprint. Please check out our Producer’s choice acoustic panels.

If you had read that far – please use the coupon code diy-ap-10 for 10% discount on your order.

Thank you for choosing!

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