Therapy office soundproofing. Creating comfortable environment for clients in a therapy office. Josh had an issue with the neighboring therapy office, because he could hear everything they were doing and it was disrupting his business and created distraction for his clients. After some search he found He first came to our office in Frederick, Maryland to check out the company and see what we can offer.

Then he placed three separate order with couple of months intervals address different sound proofing problems with his therapy office. Since the office was located in an office building and it was a rental Josh could not do any construction and as a staring out practice expensive construction was not practical. He needed effective soundproofing solution to block out the sound transfer, create echo-free environment inside the office itself and have it aesthetically pleasing. All that without doing construction and causing damage to the property. So this is his story.

A Therapist’s Best Friend. How to soundproof therapy office.

We used the following products in his installation:

Soundproofing acoustic panels with images:

Soundproofing ART Panels:

NOTE: Acoustic Felt Panels with soundblocking layer have STC 31 and NRC 95 ( 95% noise reductions ).

Acoustic blankets Producer’s choice: Acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice are sound-absorption meaning that the absorb the sound reflective off the walls and this creates a nice comfortable atmosphere in the office.

Door Cover with Soundblocking core:

This is a product that adds mass and soundproofing to the door without having to make any damage to the door itself. The panel is supported on the door itself by a support pouch and opens and closes with the door itself. The sides of the door panel overlapping the door all around covering the opening between the door and the door frame which improves sound isolation.

Wall Soundblocking Panels:

The panels designed to block approximately 30dB of sound and absorb around 90% of noise. It blocks sound coming in and sound coming out. The acoustic blanket cover designed to absorb echo and reverberation inside the room itself. In the video we use Anchors that are rated for 75lbs support. Just screw one anchor in first, then use a screw and let it stick out for about 0.5 inch or so. If you want to go fancy, you can use a hook screw. Anchors also can be different. We just wanted to show the simplest way. Custom image is a nice feature! We can print any images of yours or you can select an image from our image library at

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