Notice how every video about making acoustic panel requires you to use power tools? Or buy expensive Owens Corning rigid panels and just wrap them with fabric? We figured that there is got to be an easier way. An easier way to be able to create simple and cheap acoustic panels using easily available sound absorption material such as rockwool, or glass wool.

In this video you will see how to make such panels using just scissors. if you can cut fabric with scissors and add 5 and 5 together – you can make these panels. at the end of the video we suggested to wrap your panels in a colorful fabric. you could use your favorite T-shirt, but most T-shirts painted with Screen printing method, so they have a layer of hard pain on top, which is not acoustically transparent.

Acoustic Panels Made EASY! New and Unique way to make DIY sound absorption panels at home.

By the way, we can print for you any image in fabric, and then you can use that to make your own panels. just send us the image and dimensions:

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