This is the second video on How to convert a closet into a vocal booth by using acoustic blankets producers choice for sound absorption and how to prevent a backslap echo. In this new video tutorial we show how to build a vocal booth in a smaller closet. It also shows how to use a FlexTee stand as acoustic shield that is together with acoustic blankets serves as a Acoustic Panels, or free-standing gobo to block all unwanted reflections and control room tone:

How to build Voice Over Vocal Booth in small closet. Prevent backslap echo from the room.

In the first part video we suggested how to build vocal booth in a larger closet, pantry or walk in closet. The main product that is being used in the video is acoustic blankets Producer’s choice for soundproofing and sound absorption.

You can select any acoustic panel that fits your home recording studio. Customized Acoustic Felt Panels can be found here:

Provide a good way to make your vocal booth unique and festive. You can customize these panels with your own images, or get an image from image library from

In the next video we will show soundproofing efficiency of the Acoustic Blankets Producer’s Choice. Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube:

Thank you very much for choosing!

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